Our Weekly Viewpoint Bulletins


May 15, 2022

Not Everyone -- by James Adams

Former Church Building Now Used Solely For Social Occasions -- by Steve Wallace

The Kingdom Of Christ -- by Joe R Price

Add A Little More -- Anonymous

The worm In The Apple -- Selected

May 8, 2022

The Devil's Inoculation -- by Dee Bowman

Misplaced Trust -- by Zack Fisk

May 1, 2022

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart -- by Gary Henry

Condemning The World -- by Jarrod Jacobs

And Jesus Said, "What" -- by Robert Turner

April 24, 2022

The Children Of God -- by Jeremy Sweets

The Deceptive Nature Of Sin -- by Jeremy Sweets

Growing Calloused To Evil -- by Kyle Campbell

April 17, 2022

Why Not Baptize Babies? -- by Irvin Himmel

The Preacher -- by Al Diestlekamp

When The Sign Says: Church Of Christ -- by Bob Pulliam

Hypocrisy And Hogs -- by Kyle Campbell

April 10, 2022

A Love Letter -- by Jim Allen

The End Of The Road . . . by Helen Steiner Rice

Better To Be Of A Humble Spirit -- by R J Evans

April 3, 2022

What It Means To Be A New Man -- by Dee Bowman

When Did Jesus Pray? -- by Jerry Fite

March 27, 2022

Why Be Baptized? -- by H E Phillips

God Alone Is My Rock And My Salvation -- by Earl Robertson

The Word Of God -- Author Unknown

It Works This Way. . . -- Author Unknown

March 20, 2022

The Influence Of The Home -- by Kent E Heaton Sr.

When Man Loses Respect For Biblical Authority -- by Tommy Thornhill

March 13, 2022

Dependence Upon God -- by Robert F Turner

In Good Times And Bad -- by Wilson Adams

March 6, 2022

Things My Mama Said -- by Dee Bowman

Made To Be Filled -- by Gary Henry

Memory Rules -- Author Unknown

February 27, 2022

No Looking Back -- by Jonathan Glaesemann

Does Jesus Care? -- by Kyle Campbell

My Sheep Hear My Voice -- by Steven F Deaton

February 20, 2022

Evidence Of Things Not Seen -- by Greg Gwin

How To Raise A Heartache -- by Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.

February 13, 2022

Doing More For The Lord This Year -- Author Unknown

Brethren . . . In Malice Be Babes -- by R J Evans

The Precious Word Of God -- by Frank Walton

February 6, 2022

The Magpie And The "Best Nest" -- by Robert F Turner

The Precious Word Of God -- by Frank Walton

The Importance Of Thoughts -- by Bill Crews

January 30, 2022

Courage To Be Different -- by Robert Harkrider

Bible Authority

The Crux Of The Whole Matter -- by W R Jones

January 23, 2022

Dad's 9 Rules For Living -- W Frank Walton

Premillennialism -- R J Evans

Neglected Issues -- by Dan Shipley

January 16, 2022

Consider Your End -- by Brian A. Yeager

Letting God Be God -- by Gary Henry

January 9, 2022

Do Demons Posses People Today? -- by Edward O Bagwell Jr.

Gossip -- by Clarence R Johnson

Voter Confusion -- by Edward O Bagwell

It's Always Needed -- Author Unknown

January 2, 2022

To Trade A Feeling -- by Adam Delk

Lame Excuses -- by Adam Delk

Twelve Times To Say I'm Sorry To Your Spouse -- by Steve Stephens

December 26, 2021

Important Things -- by Bob Pulliam

How Can I Deal With Worry, Anxiety? -- by Hoyt H. Houchen

December 19, 2021

Life And Death Are In The Tongue -- by Larry Bilbo

A Beating Heart That Didn't Stop -- by Bobby L. Graham

December 12, 2021

Give Me The Simple Life -- by Kyle Campbell

Obedience -- by Richard Thetford

Walk Carefully -- by Gene Samford

December 5, 2021

Segregation In A Second-Hand Store -- by Karl Diestelkamp

Churches Of Christ And The Needy -- by Steve Fontenot

What Were You Looking For? -- by Leslie Diestelkamp

November 28, 2021

Words -- by Kyle Campbell

Keep It Simple -- by Jarrod Jacobs

Clean Out The Attic -- by Kyle Campbell

November 21, 2021

Pharisees: Then And Now -- by Bob Pulliam

Proverbs On Drinking -- by Solomon

November 14, 2021

What Men Have Done To Hell -- by Bill Crews

The Reign Of The Righteous King -- by John Isaac Edwards

Do To Others -- by Robert F. Turner

November 7, 2021

Let No One Judge You -- by Heath Rogers

What Do You See? -- by Paul White

Are You A Tree Or A Post? -- by Leslie Diestelkamp

October 31, 2021

The Mirror Versus The Window -- by R J Evans

The Gospel Of Easy Salvation -- by George Hutto

October 24, 2021

The Rule: One Man, One Woman, For A Lifetime -- by Stan Cox

Time -- Swift Transition -- by Wendall Ward

October 17, 2021

Making Marriage Work -- by Rusty Miller

Prayerful Living -- by Gary Henry

Add A Little More -- Anonymous

The Worm In The Apple -- Selected

October 10, 2021

A Question About Good And Evil -- by Hoyt Houchen

Enoch -- A Man Who Walked With God -- by Harold Hancock

Are You Feeling Pressure? -- by Jarrod Jacobs

The 23rd Channel -- Anonymous

October 3, 2021

Silence Of The Scriptures -- by Irvin Himmel

What Would They Say? -- by Johnnie Edwards

"I Just Don't Go To Church. . ." by Bill Crews

September 26, 2021

The Contrary Winds Of Life -- by Tommy Thornhill

Abraham Lincoln Said Of Americans . . .

September 19, 2021

Dealing With Discouragement -- by Kyle Campbell

I Refuse -- Author Unknown

Our Greatest Need -- Author Unknown

September 12, 2021

In What Does One's Life Consist? -- by Max Ogden

Attitudes -- by Arthur M Ogden

September 5, 2021

One Sinner Destroys Much Good -- by Ron Daly

Closet Convictions -- by Dan Shipley

The Perfect Law Of Liberty -- by Cecil Willis

August 29, 2021

What Is The Church Of Christ? -- by Steven F Deaton

FourTraits That Make A Difference -- by Kyle Campbell

Give Me The Truth! -- by Kyle Campbell

10 Rules For Happy Living -- Unknown Author

August 22, 2021

Repentance -- by Dee Bowman

The Other Woman -- by L. A. Stauffer

August 15, 2021

Your Defining Moment -- by Wilson Adams

Point To Ponder -- by Lance Bowman

Disciplined Disciples -- by Lance Bowman

He Leads The Way -- Author Unknown

July 25, 2021

Calling On The Name Of The Lord -- by Clarence R Johnson

Bible Conversions -- by Roy Codgill

July 18, 2021

Taking The Time To Grow Spiritually -- by Gary Henry

The Plan Of Salvation

Sing And Be Happy -- Gene Samford

A Brittle Thing -- Author Unknown

It Matters Not -- Author Unknown

July 11, 2021

Some Know Less Than What They Think They Know -- by Harold Hancock

If You Envy, You Lose! -- by Harold Hancock

Love In The Home -- by B. Dolliver

Example -- Author Unknown

July 4, 2021

Humility And Wisdom -- by James Adams

Memory Rules -- Author Unknown

The Seven Thousand -- by Russ Bowman

I Study My Bible Like I Plow My Field -- Author Unknown

June 27, 2021

Painless Discipleship -- by Joe R. Price

Summer Priorities -- by Joe R. Price

Calling On The Name Of The Lord -- Jarrod Jacobs

June 20, 2021

Five Smooth Stones Of Parenting -- by Sewell Hall

What's In My Heart -- by Gene Samford

If We Tell Our Children. . . -- Author Unknown

June 13, 2021

Gossip -- by Clarence R. Johnson

Am I Ready To Be Baptized? -- by Luther Pratt

A New Phobia -- by Edward O. Bragwell Sr.

June 6, 2021

A Little Humor With A Powerful Point -- by W. R. Jones

Rebranding The Church -- by heath Rogers

Do All In The Name Of The Lord -- by Billy Moore

May 30, 2021

"Mark And Avoid" -- by W. R. Jones

The Seed Principle -- by Heath Rogers

May 23, 2021

Paul's Motivations -- by Aude McKee

May 16, 2021

For What Would Die? -- by Billy Moore

Silver-Crowned Senior Citizens  -- Author Unknown

A Prayer For The Aging -- Author Unknown

The 7-Ups -- Author Unknown

May 9, 2021

What Is A Bible Class? -- by Bob Dodson

How Is Your Foundation? -- by Kyle Campbell

Victory With The Lord -- by Steven F. Deaton

May 2, 2021

Why Denominational Baptism Is Wrong -- by Steven J. Wallace

The Bible And Homosexuality -- by Steven J. Wallace

April 25, 2021

The Pain Of Love -- by Ron Halbrook

The Devices Of Satan -- by Jim McDonald

April 18, 2021

Preach The Gospel In Love -- by C. R. Nichol

Desensitization -- by Jim Lee

April 11, 2021

A Man Who Had Plenty -- by Frank Himmel

Consider Your Ways -- by Micky Galloway

April 4, 2021

A Social Primer And God's Word -- by Joe R Price

Staying Balanced In An Age Of Propaganda -- by Joe R Price

Preach A Sermon Preacher -- Author Unknown

March 28, 2021

The Simple Test Of A True Prophet -- by Heath Rogers

The Truth Never Goes Out Of Style -- by Heath Rogers

What About 'Narrow' Preacher -- Unknown

March 21, 2021

The Fruit Of The Spirit: Love -- by Jerry Fite

March 14, 2021

The Local Church's Role In Supporting The Truth -- by Jerry Fite

March 7, 2021

The Aim Of Preaching -- by Frank Himmel

Involvement: Protection Against Lethargy -- by Jerry King

Now Is The Time To Obey The Gospel -- Author Unknown

February 28, 2021

Why We Call Ourselves A "Church Of Christ"? -- by Heath Rogers

Why Christians Must Accept The Exclusiveness Of Their Faith -- by Heath Rogers

February 21, 2021

Let The Dead Bury The Dead -- by Mike Thomas

Hate Your Father And Mother! -- Keith Sharp

My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge -- by Jesse Flowers

February 14, 2021

Sitting Around On The Ark -- by Jon Quinn

Quotable Quotes -- Selected

February 7, 2021

Meditation -- by Mark Roberts

A Servant's Attitude -- by Charles Willis

A Church That Is Just A Church -- Adapted

January 31, 2021

The Ascension Of Jesus -- by Heath Rogers

Why Do We Need Bible Doctrine? -- by Kyle Campbell

January 24, 2021

Not My Caesar -- by David Diestelkamp

Evangelism: A Way Of Life -- by Jerry Fite

January 17, 2021

"Finally Brethren" -- by Don Wright

You Have Dwelt Long Enough -- by Randy Cavender

Things To Remember When In Worship -- by Jim Sasser

January 10, 2021

"Do To Others" -- by Robert F Turner

How Do People View You? -- by Stan Cox

January 3, 2021

When Lost People Cannot Be Saved -- by Kyle Campbell

Why Are You Waiting? -- by Joe R Price

Looking Back, Moving Forward -- by Joe R Price

Easier Said Than Done -- by Greg Gwin

December 27, 2020

Entrance Into The Kingdom Of God -- by Mickey Galloway

Tomorrow -- by Keith Greer

December 20, 2020

Welcome Words -- by Irvin Himmel

Is Sincerity Alone Enough To Save Us? -- by Heath Rogers

You Are Not Alone -- by Jesse Flowers

December 13, 2020

The Church's Purpose -- by Bill Hall

A Complaint Arose -- by Frank Himmel

Give Thanks In All Circumstances -- by Jesse Flowers

December 6, 2020

The Darkening Effect Of Words Without Knowledge -- by Jason Hardin

God Is The Standard -- by Rick Liggin

Jesus: The Author Of Eternal Salvation -- by Heath Rogers

November 29, 2020

The Value Of Small Things -- by Walton Weaver

The Existence Of God -- by Caleb Thetford

November 22, 2020

Burning Bridges -- by Greg Gwin

What Will Your Children Remember? -- by Lowell Blasingame

The Two Builders -- by Richard Thetford

November 15, 2020

The Christian And American Freedoms -- by Heath Rogers

Hard To Explain -- by Davis McClister

I AM Is Near -- by Jason Hardin

November 8, 2020

The Church Is Not . . . -- by Don Wright

When The Local Church Feels Unnecessary -- by David Diestelkamp

November 1, 2020

When It Was A Crime To Read The Bible -- by Joe R Price

The Living, Powerful, Cutting Word Of God -- by Heath Rogers

October 25, 2020

Searching For A Congregation -- by Bill Crews

Studying The Sermon -- by Wayne Goff

October 18, 2020

The Power Of Satan Or The Finger Of God? -- by Clarence R Johnson

How A Christian Is Like A Watch -- by Johnie Edwards

"He Never Let On" -- by Robert Turner

October 11, 2020

Do You Really Believe? -- by Bill Crews

Commitment -- by Wayne Goff

Would People Notice? -- by John Hines

So Many Things -- So little Time -- by Bill Crews

October 4, 2020

God's Word Endures -- by Joe R Price

Life Is Not Fair, But God Is! -- Jarrod M Jacobs

Why Did God Create The World? -- Joe R Price

September 27, 2020

The Purpose Of The Church -- by Jim Howard

The Purpose Of Preaching -- by David Padfield

Where Are The Sinners? -- by Robert F Turner

September 20, 2020

"Well, It Depends" -- by Bill Crews

Would You Do This? -- by Bill Crews

"Is It Scriptural?" -- by Bill Crews

September 13, 2020

Fooling God -- by Gene Taylor

No One Cared For My Soul -- by David Padfield

Wrong Is Always Wrong -- Selected

September 6, 2020

The Man Who Wouldn't Try -- by K M Smith

When A Young Person Grows Old -- by Mark White

August 30, 2020

The Reliability Of The Gospel -- by Tom Rainwater

Thinking About The Devil At Work -- by Bob Hines

Complaining Christians -- by William Stewart

August 23, 2020

A Corrupt World -- by Rick Duggin

Jesus' Family Thought He Was Crazy -- by Robert Hinds

Good People Need To Be Saved, Too -- by Frank Himmel

August 16, 2020

How Can I Know Who Is Right? -- by Greg Gwin

Respect For God's Authority -- by Paul Smithson

Which Way Are You Headed? -- by Robert Hines

Our Duty Toward Truth -- by Dan Richardson

Weak Diets Do Not Make Strong Churches -- by L L Geiger

August 9, 2020

God's Permission, Pianos, & Powerpoint -- by David Halbrook

When God Leaves The Serpents -- by K M Smith

Can We Have Too Much "Positive" Preaching -- by Greg Gwin

August 2, 2020

Baptism: Sprinkling Or Immersion? -- by Richie Thetford

"Satan Has Asked For You" -- by Joe R Price

July 26, 2020

Do You Feel Saved? -- by Wayne Greeson

Just Do It -- by Edward O Bragwell, Sr.

What About My Father And Mother? -- by Foy E Wallace, Jr.

Drifting Away From The Truth -- by James Hahn

"Numbers" Versus Real Growth -- by Paul Earnhart

July 19, 2020

Is The Old Testament Our Law? -- by Keith Sharp

When Should We Deal With Controversial Issues? -- by James P Needham

You Can Start Your Own Church -- by Ken Cooper

Convenient Preaching -- by Robert Harkrider

July 12, 2020

Grace And Peace Be Multiplied -- by Jarrod M Jacobs

The Heart Behind The System -- by Joe R Price

They Could Not Blush -- by Robert F Turner

July 5, 2020

The Bible: Dare We Leave It? -- by Dee Bowman

Ten Suggestions For A Good Family -- by Dee Bowman

June 28, 2020

Church Recreation -- by Keith Camp

Abuse Of The Lord's Supper -- by Leslie Diestelkamp

The Work Of The Church -- by Frank Himmel

June 21, 2020

The Impact Of Our Choices -- by Dennis Stackhouse

Passionate Commitment -- by Wendell Ward

Simplifying The Authority Of Examples -- by Doy Moyer

June 14, 2020

Pillar And Ground Of Truth -- by David J Riggs

The Procrastinating Servant -- by Jack Williams

Criticism -- by William Barclay

Is God Pleased With Just Any Religion -- by Erin Percell

June 7, 2020

Things Really Haven't Changed -- by Jarrod M Jacobs

An Ancient Description Of Christians -- by Bill Crews

May 31, 2020

Alexander Campbell And The Church Of Christ -- by Wayne Jackson

On A Daily Basis -- by Bill Hall

Too Late -- by Steve Klein

May 24, 2020

Verbal Inspiration And Bible Translations -- by Joe R Price

May 17, 2020

The Importance Of Thoughts -- by Bill Crews

Warnings -- by Gilbert Alexander

Re-visiting Matthew 18:20 -- by Greg Gwin

One Sinner Destroys Much Good -- by Ron Daly

May 10, 2020

When Are Examples Binding? -- by Joe R Price

Quote -- by Alexander Campbell

May 3, 2020

Idolatry -- by Keith Sharp

Roping A Tame Steer -- by Monroe Hawley

Baptism And Blood -- by T Dom Moyer

If Only . . . -- by Frank Himmel

April 26, 2020

Faith And How It Works -- by Jim Alverson

How Will You Answer The Question? -- by Dee Dowman

April 19, 2020

Does Your Service To God Cost Anything -- by Greg Gwin

Almost Right -- by James R Dunigan

Age Of Accountability -- by Morris D Norman

Fools -- by Jim King

April 12, 2020

Natural Events And Divine Judgments -- by Joe R. Price

". . . For Such A Time As This" -- by Tommy G. McClure

Are You Getting Better -- by Greg Gwin

April 5, 2020

Should Mom & Dad's Beliefs Keep Me From Changing My Views -- by Roy Fenner

1 Peter 4:3 And 'Social Drinking' -- by Ron Halbrook

But He Never Enlisted! -- by Swell Hall

March 29, 2020

You Need The Right Tool -- by Charles Willis

Destroying The Church From The Inside Out -- by Mickey Galloway

March 22, 2020

Keeping Perspective -- by Joe R. Price

Prejudice Makes Distinctions -- by Joe R. Price

Is Belief In God Reasonable -- by Heath Rogers

March 15, 2020

Plain Preaching -- by W R Jones

The Days Of Our Years -- by Fanning Yater Tant

Burning Bridges -- by Greg Gwin

Self Control -- by James Hahn

God And Man -- by Bill Crews

March 8, 2020

True Reflections In God's Mirror -- by Jeff Smith

A Squeak In The Pulpit -- by Steve Higginbotham

Q & A About Church Socials -- by Leslie Diestelkamp

Gratitude Makes Happiness -- by Jere E Frost

March 1, 2020

Count Your Blessings And Make Them Count -- by Joe R Price

Can Faith Alone Save Him -- by Michael R Baggett

The Reign Of The Righteous King -- John Isaac Edwards

February 23, 2020

How Are You Different? -- by Greg Gwin

"Punishment Doesn't Help" -- by Mark Roberts

Positive Isn't Always -- by J S Smith

Bible Classes -- by Hershel Patton

February 16, 2020

What Are People Looking For In A Church -- by Bill Crews

Why Do Men Leave The Lord -- by Rick Duggin

Pardon My Intrusion -- By Bill Crews

"Good People In All Churches?" -- by Earl Fly

February 9, 2020

Write Your Own Funeral -- by H L Collett

Why I Pray -- by Warren E Berkley

Good For Evil -- L A Stauffer

The Average -- author unknown

February 2, 2020

Why Do You Wait -- by Kyle Campbell

Words That Describe Me Now -- John Isaac Edwards

Something Learned From Mules -- by W R Jones

January 26, 2020

How Do I Live In This Mess? -- by Dee Bowman

Unique -- by Jay Bowman

January 19, 2020

Religious Pragmatism -- by Greg Gwin

Right Attitudes For Faithfulness -- by Warren Berkley

True Repentance -- by Jim King

Wash Your Face -- by Leslie Diestelkamp

January 12, 2020

Self-Defense -- by Joe R Price

"You're Judging Another Person's Salvation" -- Joe R Price

Why Do You Wait -- Kyle Campbell

January 5, 2020

If You've Ever Been Called A Fanatic -- by Bill Hall

Day By Day -- by Paul Earnhart

'Essential' Church Members -- by Greg Gwin

Not Enough Time To Read The Bible -- author unknown

Why Liberal And Conservative Churches Of Christ -- by Robert Harkrider